Spare Parts of Tractors
Special store for all types of MTZ, Zetor, ZTS, URSUS
TZ-4K-14, T-25, T-40, Jumz, DT-75, T-150, K-700
Spare Parts of Machinery
Plough: Kühne, Vogel & Noot, Hetill, Frank
Disks: Kühne, Agrikon, Omikron, Metálwolf
Combinator: Agrikon
Cultivator: Agrikon
Baling machine: H-5580, K-453,454
Grass Scythe: RK-2,165,185,210, ZTR, Z-042
Sowing-machine: SPC, Lajta, IH
Organic Compost Scatterrer: T-087, T-088
Swath Spinner: PZK-7
Stem Breaker: RZ-1.5, RZ-3, VZ
Swath Gathering Trailer: UTB
Harvester: E-512,514,516, Claas
Wide choice of spare parts at low prices in factory quality.
Vogel & Noot Bellota Bianchi
Technical Goods
V-belts: Barum, Sava, Optibelt, Roulunds, Economos
Tyres: Michelin, Russian tyres
Pivot Bearings: Russian, Slovakian, German brands
Lubricants: Mol, Agip, Prista, Record
Roller-chains: Czech and German roller-chains, Czech link-chains
Hydraulic Tubes: Phoenix high pressure tubes, also in custom sizes and special design
Batteries: Varta, Perion, Monbat, Optima
Wire-cables: in Hungarian, German quality
Bale-ropes: in Hungarian, Austrian quality
Simerings, O-Rings: Gufero, in Czech and Hungarian quality
Screen Glasses: for all the types of the sold tractors and also in custom sizes
Cardan Shafts: in any size and design
Michelin Stomil-Olsztyn
Gufero Tip-Top Optibelt
Norma Agip Anchor Lacing Systems
Rexnord Motorpal
BRUDER quality toys from Germany: